Information about Yogaly



Founded in beautiful Florida, the creators of Yogaly saw a need for individuals to be able to find and book Yoga classes in a single, convenient, centralized location.  While some studios have websites, and others are only available with a quick google search, it became glaringly obvious that when it came down to locating a practice nearby that both practitioners and instructors alike were missing each other.   Yogaly was created to provide an Uber-esque experience where both Yogi enthusiasts could go to find the perfect environment to practice and hone their skills, and Yoga instructors could have a free and convenient way to promote their business without the hassle of maintaining a website.  

At Yogaly, it is our mission to connect Yoga practitioners with their perfect studios, classes, and instructors so that there are no more missed connections or opportunities.  We pride ourselves on supporting the Yoga community, and hope that our platform allows everyone the opportunity to find their perfect connection!

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